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    Introducing MHL +’s Cash Offer Program


    We are so excited to announce that we have teamed up with to offer our clients a new Cash Buying Program!

    HOW IT WORKS: is a new kind of mortgage lender that purchases homes with cash on behalf of Buyers it has approved for a loan. Once your loan is ready to close, the home is then sold to you by at the exact same price it was purchased for. There are no additional fees or costs for being a cash Buyer with!



    Step 1: Become a CASH approved Buyer! will underwrite your cash loan through a simple online process. The best part? There are NO additional costs to you for becoming a cash Buyer! Once the underwriting process is complete, will provide you with an Cash Offer Letter, outlining your exact cash-buying power and estimated loan terms.

    Step 2: Shop with the power of CASH. Once you find the perfect home, you can submit an all cash offer based on your terms! No more settling for the wrong home at the wrong price!

    Step 3: Win competitive offer situations with your CASH offer! When shopping with cash, you are 4x more likely to win the home of your dreams! Once you are under contract on a home with your cash offer, you then sign a sales contract with that guarantees the home will be sold back to you at the same exact price that has purchased it for.

    Step 4: Close with CASH within 14 days. The house is purchased with’s funds within 14 days from the time you go under contract, and then held for you until your loan is ready to close.

    Step 5: Close on your loan within two weeks of the CASH closing.

    Step 6: Congratulations! You have now taken title and are officially homeowners!


    Let us help you WIN the home of your dreams with CASH! Inquire with your Mile High Luxury Broker to become a CASH Buyer today by completing the form below!


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