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  • Westwood seems to be the ‘Best Hood’ for Denver’s next potential investment gem

Westwood seems to be the ‘Best Hood’ for Denver’s next potential investment gem

Being on the list still for ‘homes under 250k’ in Denver, Westwood seems to be a gem for investment potential. Not only are homes still perspectively affordable, but changes are in the air for this long time underserved and the predominately Spanish speaking neighborhood which encompasses the blocks between Federal to the west, Sheridan to the east, Alameda to the south, and Mississippi to the North.

What’s going on?

Morrison Road — Westwood’s major thoroughfare, is scheduled to undergo a multimillion dollar transformation which will make it more pedestrian friendly, increase its aesthetic appeal, reconstruct five major intersections, and create two community gathering places modeled after Mexican Plazas (maintaining the vital essence of the neighborhood’s history).

A new recreation center – which won a whopping $37.5 million dollars of funding and will provide a much needed improvement for Denver’s neighborhood, which has the highest and sadly, most obese concentration of children in the Denver metro area. This development will not only add a livability factor to the neighborhood, but will help families improve their health while facilitating an integrative component of long term sustainability.

Dropping crime rates – just this year both theft and violent crime have dropped a whopping 13% — bringing Westwood down to 29th highest-crime neighborhood from the 14th highest-crime neighborhood where it was four years ago. The dropping crime rate has largely been due to recent community rejuvenation and an overarching population sentiment that feels a dwindling sense of neglect.

Funding surges and government driven initiatives – nearly $50 million in bond projects are on the horizon and more than $10 million have already been placed. Over the past six years, these funding packages have supported affordable housing developments, social programs, and nonprofit groups which have brought life to food co-ops, artist murals, and neighborhood ‘nature-scaping’ initiatives — all things which are helping to provide crucial resurgence to the neighborhood.

Needless to say, Westwood is seeing both funding and a multitude of improvement projects which could serve as a panacea to an area which has been long since one of poverty, crime, and neglect, and unlike many improvement areas, which will also maintain true to its heritage and cultural roots. On the note of investment — bets can likely be wagered that the Westwood neighborhood is also going to be a place of beneficial appreciation and growth, making it possibly one of the last areas in Denver you can still get your foot in with equity on a single family home.

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