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    Westward Bound — The G-line finally celebrates its Grand Opening.

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    Finally! The long anticipated day of the grand debut of the Denver G-line has arrived. Despite a few hiccups (recriminations and lawsuits in accordance to malfunction gate software), Denver’s new RTD light rail has finally been given the go-ahead for operation. This line will be Denver’s west reaching transit route going from Union Station to Globeville, Arvada, and ending in Wheat Ridge with 7 total stops and start to finish time of 27 minutes. At only a $3 dollar fare, this alternative transit mode would seem to have quite an appeal to suburbanites who work down town and are accustomed to both commuter traffic as well as likely paying expensive parking fees downtown. The G-line is currently set to carry 9,000 passengers a day with numbers increasing each year. If you want to be in the ‘loop’ — take advantage of free fares until May 11th and take a ride for yourself.

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