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West Side, Best Side

A word on Denver’s hottest investment neighborhoods and new development plans

Just as Americans conquered the Western frontier seeking land, development, and opportunity, Denverite’s are doing the same — [just sub in land west of the Mississippi with land west of Federal Boulevard and you’ve about got it]. And much like the American Frontier comprises of tales of conquest, survival, and the merging of peoples and cultures – so does the movements of development which bleeds into what we know as the ‘hot hoods’ of west Denver. Onward and westward, moving past the gold rush of burritos on Federal Boulevard to the lands of appreciation and investment returns in Barnum and Villa Park.

The frontier of investment and opportunity.
As we know, interior Denver is quickly becoming less and less affordable as home prices have increased close to 10% year over year — pushing many first time home buyers, millennials, and young families out of the market. These beat out buyers then either move to the suburbs where they can get more home for their dollar, OR remain proximity to the city and decide to tough it out and invest themselves in what many consider the ‘rougher’ side of Denver. The latter decision has proven a wise feat for the trailblazers. Beginning in early 2015, investors have been steadily mining Villa Park (neighborhood north of the Sixth, west of Federal, south of Dry Gulch, and east of Sheridan) and Barnum (boundaries south thereof) due to their proximity to Sloan’s Lake, St. Anthony’s Redevelopment, and by following the guiding principles (and dollar sign beams) of the ‘light rail way’. While  still being predominately two of Denver’s  lowest income neighborhoods, Villa Park and Barnum won’t remain that way for long as they trend toward the same transformation patterns already seen in top dollar neighborhoods of the Highlands, River North, and Curtis Park.

With this data, many may wonder if it’s too late to jump on this gold mine. While being a key question of debate (hindsight 20/20 vision taking its toll on regret) — evidence points to further gain potential. Introducing Denver’s Federal Boulevard Partnership, plans for new development (think succulent filled coffee shops), transportation (insert extra traffic lanes and parking infrastructures), and better aesthetics (landscaping and medians) along major stretches of Federal Boulevard will greatly enhance the livability of surrounding areas — and with that, property values. Although no one can predict, there is solid evidence to point to the fact it’s not too late; and more or less the time to buy is now.

Villa Park

  • Within a mile and half of Mile High Stadium (think game day Airbnb potential for extra cash flow)
  • Backs to Harvard Gulch (unblocked views and a great walking trail)
  • Supports 3 light rail stops on the W line (this is a gold mine in itself)
  • Crime rating a C, but diversity rating an A (like I said, merging of cultures)
  • Hosts best ma and pa burrito and pupusa digs in the city (don’t be deterred by the barred windows, it’s part of the authenticity)
  • 17% medium home price appreciation between 2016 and 2017 (– and it is continually rising)
  • Close proximity to 6th avenue and 1-25 (great for commuters)
  • Predominantly single family homes, still in the $300 range (think affordable with large yards and lots)
  • Barnum Park and Rec Center (inclusive with an off leash dog park and the most stunning views of the city)
  • Another host to  some of Denver’s best and most authentic Mexican food

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