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    Trash Talk

    There is no doubt we are progressing in making our world a cleaner place on a mass scale from the #stopsucking movement lead by Starbucks and the bagless initiative which has most recently been adopted by grocery giant Kroger. That said, Denver is not skipping a beat on trending ‘green’ with the latest invention being a proposed trash-munching-energy-producing water wheel. Sound interesting – well it is. This proposed project would be a revolutionizing one and would resemble a 50 foot Ferris wheel placed in the South Platte River to not only provide power to the River North Prominade Development, but to clean crucial debris from the water. So far, $20,000 of funding has been given to research the potentials of this project, but it has not yet been a ‘go’ by the city due to a project price that could run into the millions and worries about having to reconstruct the river to accommodate for such a sizable operation. The good news is, this project has proven successful elsewhere, including the harbor in Baltimore where ‘Mr. Trash Wheel’ and ‘Professor Trash’ have consumed a total of 1.5 million pounds of trash to date. If Denver can jump on board, construction is predicted to start as early as September 2019.

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