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The Scoop on the ‘Scoot’

The scoop on the ‘scoot’

They were here, then they were gone, and now they are back; the infamous scooter fleets of Denver.

If you spent anytime downtown of late, you have noticed the re-proliferation of these dockless sidewalk riders hanging around on every other street corner or more notably — being ridden around for convenient transportation means

With no shortage of conversation feed – there has been quite a bit of political and opinionated debate around this topic. With that being said (and in the case you were dying to know) here is a quick factual run down.

The ‘deets’: 350 Lime Scooters, 350 Bird Scooters (the OG scooters company which started the revolution in Santa Monica), and 200 Jump bikes (Uber’s creation) which are currently on the loose in Denver.

The ‘politics’: Dockless Mobility Pilot Program – includes official permits issued to SEVEN different scooter companies allowing them to operate on Denver sidewalks. The on-going issues of these ‘premised’ permits being centered around the sidewalk and PEDESTRAIN safety.

The ‘debate’: With these scooters being able to go up to 15 mph, they are inherently risky to both riders and those in the vicinity of. Another debate – the fact these scooters are ‘dockless’ means there are very few rules regulating where these scooters can (and should be) parked, causing clutter and blockage on pedestrian sidewalks.

The ‘logistics’: In case you’re interested and would like to take a ride– download the designated scooter app on your smart phone, use the app map to locate the nearest scooter, upload your driver’s license information, agree to the rules and regulations, scan the barcode to unlock your scooter, and your off to the races (at 15 mph).

The ‘cost’: Other than risks of your life and safety – it’s about a dollar to get started and 15 cents per minute thereafter. A 2 mile ride generally takes about ten minutes and costs less than 3 dollars, making scooters transportation an appealing alternative to car sharing apps for short mileage trips.

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