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    • Root Root Root for the ‘Shyft’ to go Green — Denver local company helps restaurants reduce waste.

    Root Root Root for the ‘Shyft’ to go Green — Denver local company helps restaurants reduce waste.

    Save the dolphins, ditch the straws. Spare the landfills, bring your own bag. Reusable not rummage-able, choose glass not plastic. Global movements of sustainability are more than just a trend as they are work to incorporate themselves into our societal norms.

    With that, Denver local company RootShyft has taken its own initiative at specifically mitigating food wastes and plastics in Denver restaurants — and for good reason. Restaurants produce an average of 100,000 pounds of waste per year with half of that being food waste. While this may not sound like the biggest deal compared to other substances of toxic magnitude we emit into our environment, food waste is unique in the fact it produces methane gas — a greenhouse compound that is a shocking 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. RoofShyft has come to the rescue by not only bringing the means to compost old heads of lettuce allowing degradation in a few weeks (vs 25 years in a landfill) but has also played an active roll in aiding restaurants in reducing their carbon footprint. Through active environmental consulting and change management RootShyft has helped companies with recycling efficiencies, energy consumption, and even employee retention (correlation of employee moral and environmental sustainability). So root root root for the shyft to go green [and check out a list of Denver restaurants that have already taken initiative].

    Guard and Grace, Urban Farmer, Baralo Grill, TAG restaurants, and soon to be Euclid Hall, Green Russel, Bistro Vendome, and Ted’s.

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