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  • Putting the V in Very big deal as VF chooses Denver for their national headquarters.

Putting the V in Very big deal as VF chooses Denver for their national headquarters.

VF?  Okay, you’re not alone if you were not previously aware of this massive outdoor industry conglomerate which will officially take the place of being Denver’s largest market value company (currently valued at 37 billion dollars). But whom you are likely aware of is the highly recognizable brands which this Fortune 250 Company presides over, including NorthfaceJanSport, and Steamboat based Smartwool. This is a very big deal for Denver and has been an announcement of anticipation as for time leading up until the announcement has been filed under the code name ‘Project Cardinal’. What’s in this deal for Denver other than a serious cool factor? 800 high-paying jobs with annual salaries averaging around $185,000 – nearly triple Denver’s average annual wage. With that said, there is also an equal component of what’s in it for VF as  the Denver department of economic development has offered them $27 million in tax incentives to bring these high paying jobs to Denver (think income tax revenue). To put this in perspective, this is almost double what was given to Lockheed MartinThe good does not stop there with VF also being the first company in Colorado  to match tax credit dollar with charitable donations. The VF Foundation, which works to  adhere to their mission statement of  ‘empowering sustainable active lifestyles for the betterment of people and planet’ will work to keep their virtue of corporate social responsibility going — all while keeping Colorado dressed to the 9’s for their outdoor adventures.

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