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  • Nothing says holidays like travel – and nothing says jolly travel like renovations at DIA. Ho ho ho humbug.

Nothing says holidays like travel – and nothing says jolly travel like renovations at DIA. Ho ho ho humbug.

The anticipatory Coming soon statement builds an element of excitement, mouth water, and mess as DIA announces and enacts their plans for their Great Hall renovations – a 1.8 billion-dollar reno plan which will (eventually) improve security and provide a new abundance of retail and dining options. Denver International airport is already ranked as the best regional airport in North America – but Denver does not set its bar low while hosting 62 million passengers a year and is on its merry way to conducting major improvements. The Great Hall Partners aims to appeal to a sentiment of ‘New American West’ (according to the Chief Executive officer Igancio Castejon) while inspiring and attracting the interests of people that uphold the repertoire of a smart, well educated, and adventurous population (hoity-toity are we?) – which are frequent fliers and have high disposable income. [#Goals anyone?] That said, what’s in the lineup other than a replacement of holiday trees with money trees? Most importantly: new security lines which will change checkpoints for the center of the terminal (we all know that iconic crowded scene of dread) which will be moved up to floor six where ticketing check in currently is. This will not only result in 34 new TSA checkpoints, but will open up of space in the Great Hall for the other most important aspects of improvement: shopping and dining – a much more interesting talking point. Oyster shooters? Fruit De Mer? Aniconic Strawberry Lemonade? Or possibly a Townie on tap with a hearty meal of the ‘happiest’ chicken you have ever had? Welcoming two of the Big Red F’s two prized restaurants of Jaxs Fish House and Post Brewing, these restaurant cores will provide a mass amount of allure on their won. But then fun doesn’t stop there with Kabod Coffee, RiNo’s Denver Street Eats (think rotating Chefs starting with Biju’s Little Curry and Osaka Ramen), Snooze EateryShake Shack, and Great Divide Brewing all joining suite.  Retail announcements are still in the works, but undoubtedly will fall no where short of impressive. As the vision holds, DIA will seek to uphold great repertoire while proving a place of business opportunity, entrepreneurship, top-notch dine, and a place for the successful to mingle, wheel, and deal. Until then, ho ho ho happy holidays as you stand in on of the two TSA lines and eat your leftover Southwest peanut pack because none of this new vendors are yet open – and the majority of old food vendors are closed for construction – and with that, to all a goodnight 😉

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