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    • Millenial Boomtown [Denver lands another San Francisco tech company #Iterable]

    Millenial Boomtown [Denver lands another San Francisco tech company #Iterable]

    Speaking of Denver being the 2nd best ranked millennial boomtown (Denver Post) ranked only behind San Francisco, a round of applause for welcoming yet another SF tech company, Iterable – who has decided to make Denver their next point of expansion from their coastal locations. Although you may not be familiar with the exact company name, Iterable is responsible for client accounts quite well-known including Zillow and Spotify. Iterable has landed 10 employees in Denver so far while being ‘blown away’ at the level of talent Denver has, as many other tech companies (ei; Facebook) have also found. The founder of Iterable said ‘we have made 10 hires in a week, in San Francisco it might take a month or more’. Denver comes in with strong rakings for supplying well qualified candidates, providing a lower cost of living (in comparison to coastal cities), and providing an appealing and healthy lifestyle environment.

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