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    • How ‘Poosh’ can Denver get? [A market not yet too saturated in Lux living]

    How ‘Poosh’ can Denver get? [A market not yet too saturated in Lux living]

    We may not know what’s included in Kim Kardashians new launch of Poosh, but we do know what’s about to rival in the latest realms of luxury apartment amenities. Parq on Speer has your answers while they complete their buildout of 301 of ultra-high-end condo grade apartments.

    Although condo grade apartments may sound like a complete oxymoron it seems to be an untapped market of rental units here in Denver that include things that only home owners generally dream about. Think, the real real: hardwood floors, gas stoves, decadent backsplashes, Bluetooth lighting, nest thermostats, Wi-Fi enabled entry, and of course, your expected all-inclusive gym and pool.

    At the Parq on Speer, even residents’ dogs live an upscale life with the luxury of having a fifth-floor terrace to do their daily business on because heaven forbid they would have to walk to the nearby park.

    If your not sold yet on the average price of a studio at $1,600 a month, not to worry as included in your rent is also 24-hour concierge services, valet parking, and swanky club lounge.

    What’s outstanding about this project is that despite a saturation in the luxury apartment pool (as I’m sure you have been noticing the newspaper headlines) the developer Greystar isn’t at all worried while having full confidence that Denver’s growing rental pool will support yet another high-end building.

    The stats: 16 penthouses (3,400 square feet), 4 townhomes, 16 three bedrooms, 124 two bedrooms, 101 one-bedrooms, 38 studios. and a very decent paystub.

    Completion date: Approximately 6 months from now.
    Address: 909 s Bannock (Golden Triangle neighborhood).

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