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    • Having your cake and eating it too in Downtown Denver – when their vacation pays for your vacation.

    Having your cake and eating it too in Downtown Denver – when their vacation pays for your vacation.

    Words which sound too good to be true – but unless you’ve been living under a rock, are likely familiar with the means behind their substantiation– Airbnb. A hot, yet charged topic here in Denver, Airbnb has proved extremely lucrative for many homeowners, producing 183 million dollars of revenue in 2017. That being said, it has not gone without heavy regulation and scrutiny in the past few years. Prior 2016, just about any property owner could Airbnb out their home and get away with it – without much as a second look. Due to the increasing market share and heavy prevalence of the industry however, Airbnb has undergone strict mandating. Beyond public government regulations (mandating short-term rental licenses, adherence tolodgers’ tax (10.75%), and fulfillment of the primary residence requirementprivate regulations also exist and exist in almost all condo associations in downtown Denver –forbidding short term rentals less than 30 days at minimum. Albeit, a needle in the haystack has been found at 1777 Larimer Street, with the Windsor not only permitting short-term rentals but also boasting that turn-key lifestyle that draws people to the idea of Airbnb-ing in the first place. With a 24-7 doorman, remodeled lobby, party room, theater, BBQ deck, gym, racquetball court, heated yearround hot tub and pool, elevated running track, tennis court, and stunning skyscraper views – this building provides a vacation in itself with absolutely no maintenance to be done. Lock up your unit – rent it out on the weekend, and with location and amenities so desirable, earn some of Denver’s top Airbnb rental dollars while you spend your earnings…well elsewhere. The next best thing sense Southwest had  a ‘Wanna Gettaway‘ sale right?

    If you are interested in a current listing for sale, check out our property list linked below, and feel free to contact us if you have any interest in getting into short term rental investing here in Denver, we are here to help!

    2 bed/ 2 bath — Unit 1707 ($695,000)

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