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There's been a lot of talk about Opportunity Zones coming from the Colorado Office of Economic Development, however final interpretations around rules are still hanging out there. Opportunity Zones, which were enacted as part of the 2017 tax reform package are aimed at stimulating growth in areas that didn't benefit as greatly from the most recent economic recovery. The main goal of the Investment in Opportunity Act is to encourage investment in economically distressed areas. Qualifying purchases/developments include ground-up development, new businesses, relocating businesses or a large expansion of an existing business. 

Core benefits of either developing or moving a business to an Opportunity Zone include tax deferment on capital gains which are

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{Denver's secret elitist secret poolside digs}
For those of you that aren't so hashtag blessed to have a personal apartment or condo pool at your disposure, here are a few of Denver's bougiest and more or lesser known about poolside decks, perfect for impressing your guests or throwing that 'so long to summer' soiree you've been planning, or are now thinking about planning.

The Warwick 
1776 N. Grant Street, Uptown Denver
$45 per day with a bonus of a complimentary drink
Not exactly a place where any serious swimming gets done, this rooftop pool hosts more of a trendy place to lounge under umbrellas while grabbing drinks at a well equipped outdoor bar that looks out over Uptown Denver. Fare warning this pool is  small, so if the hotel rooms are all

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As you can see, the below charts and graphs depict a change in skew from going from a sellers market to a buyers market, as price reductions kick in with the summertime months. Factors including increasing days or market and inventory uptick create the 'retraction cycle' you see pictured -- leading to a greater number in property price reductions. Although this can be seen by some as a warning sign of a 'bubble', it is a common annual trend as buyer fatigue sets in after home purchasers hit the market early and hard in the beginning months of the year. All that being said, this may be a buyers time to shine while they are able to submit an offer with lower buyer competition and increasing seller eagerness. Buyers take note; the magic length of time for…
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I must not be hearing you correctly -- for whatever frequency your speaking.

Yanny, Laurel -- yes, you actually are hearing this correctly  (and the frequency debate is actually sourcing from the word affordable -- trick question, I know).

So what’s the scoop? For those of you who have been following along, last month’s newsletter spoke of the Coloradan, a 334 unit condo development (and first of its kind) which is nestled away in the heart of Union Station. Not only is this the first condo development built in downtown Denver in nine years (due to the construction defect law), but it is also the first to make its mark as an affordable housing option amongst an area of prime real estate. If that’s not enough, this development also boasts

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Don’t even have me start singing ‘flashing lights, flashing lights’ as your strolling down the Dairy Block into the fittingly named ‘Milk Market’ to grab a drink at the Moo Bar. Way too many plays-on-words here -- I’m not sure if I can handle the ‘fetchness’. But, the rest of Denver seems to be eating it up alright -- and at all sixteen vendors and pop-ups from Bao Chica Boa serving up pork belly buns to Morning Jones pouring Nitrogenated Lattes’. Denver clearly loves their market halls if their proliferation is any kind of proof. Not unlike Avanti, the Source, Stanley Marketplace, and Denver Central Market, Bonanno Concepts (restaurant group owned by Frank Bonanno) savvily recapitalized on the proven and successful business model by opening up the

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Out of state investment climbs to uncharted territory in Denver's apartment market led by (you guessed it) -- California. While apartment cap rates are historically low in Denver (aka ratios of cash flow to invested  capital), it doesn't seem to deter West Coast buyers as Colorado prices still look relatively affordable in comparison. Add that in with Denver's favorable economic and demographic trends and largest light rail expansion project  in the country, and you have a picture perfect scene of financial vitality. With that in mind, we are seeing apartment growth almost exclusively in the luxury division, with very little being built with less than 5 star standards (or dollar signs for that matter) . Living the dream Denver, living the Dream. 

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A word on Denver's hottest investment neighborhoods and new development plans

Just as Americans conquered the Western frontier seeking land, development, and opportunity, Denverite's are doing the same -- [just sub in land west of the Mississippi with land west of Federal Boulevard and you’ve about got it]. And much like the American Frontier comprises of tales of conquest, survival, and the merging of peoples and cultures - so does the movements of development which bleeds into what we know as the 'hot hoods' of west Denver. Onward and westward, moving past the gold rush of burritos on Federal Boulevard to the lands of appreciation and investment returns in Barnum and Villa Park.

The frontier of investment and opportunity.
As we know, interior Denver is…
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That’s what Denver’s saying as they become the next spot for being an urban magnet development zone (and one with magnitude at that).

What is an urban magnet?  Urban magnet goes beyond some non-specific term and actually refers to an entire theory. This theory is based on a stream of thinking focused around building revitalized city centers strategically focused on the hallmark component of having ‘staying power’ -- hence the word magnet. With this, the development design has to foster a community which lends to inclusiveness as well as economic success. In this community elements need to go beyond aesthetic appeal, and have to very tangibly include essences of vital ‘activity’. We all know even the nicest outdoor malls adorned with fountains,

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No surprises here with more new development talk in the brewing as Denver is becoming known as the land of cranes. With that, the Santa Fe District is next in line for targeted change. Please welcome the 1225 Santa Fe Project. This mostly residential project is made to comprise of 150 residential units (including micro units) as well as a ground level commercial space. Like all sound development projects, the creation of this project by designer Bruce Ivin was not done without forethought with aspects of community inclusion being well thought out. The micro units will allow for affordability, enabling artists to continuing both existing and working in their neighborhood, and the commercial space is plans to continue honoring the Santa Fe District’s

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  More or a less a brilliant answer to two of our scarcest resources, space and money. Kasitas are essentially elite modern micro homes that are pre-designed to fit just about anywhere. And when I saw anywhere, I mean anywhere. Think -- backyards zoned for ADU (accessory dwelling units) utilized to be rented out as Airbnb's, remote open land space purposed to house workforce populations, dense urban developments catering to populations from multifamily apartments to student housing, and even creative districts which host sound and art studios. As long as zoning permits, a Kasita can also go anywhere your imagination can.  Here's the specs.
  • How big? Independent units are 374 square feet in size, and high density stackable units are 408 to 816
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