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January 2019

Found 3 blog entries for January 2019.

Despite continual news on the breakdown of the retail sector in the commercial real estate space, Denver proves to be an outlier of strong growth. According to CBRE's research team, asking rates of almost $20 dollars per square foot hit a record high last year. In terms of big box stores, currently leading the reputation of 'death of the retail industry', Denver has about 25% percent fewer of them then was seen in the early 2000's, despite massive population growths (+80,000 people per year), creating a healthy competition in regard to the market of supply and demand. Unlike in many areas of the country with growing vacancies in the retail space, Denver spaces are warranting a much higher degree of interest and leasing rates. With more than 700,000

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Whether or not purchasing a home in 2019 is on your list of aspirations, this article may shed a ray of light on your resolutions.Although you are not wrong for assuming the widely circulated piece of information stating you need a 20% down payment in order to purchase a home -- it's most certainly not true, and as a matter of fact, the majority of first time home buyers put down far less than that (and as little as 3%). Thanks to the American values of achieving the dreams of home ownership, over the years there has been a variety of loan programs put in place which have made it possible for home buyers to achieve their goals.

FHA Loans: Short for 'Federal Housing Administration' is a program created to make 'inclusive communities and…
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