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August 2018

Found 5 blog entries for August 2018.


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Other than the overarching and consistently regurgitated sentiment that the Denver market is ‘hot, hot, hot’ –there is a more information needed to be disclosed to paint a fully accurate picture of our market’s health.

As we have seen a housing market appreciation euphoria over the past 5 years dictated by rapidly rising home prices and economic laws of supply and demand giving way to low housing inventory and high Buyer numbers, the gold rush cannot last forever – and the signs of slowing are already beginning to occur. Other than the obvious macroeconomic trends of rising interest rates and lacking rise in job wage growth, we are also beginning to see other factors such as decreasing number of properties under contract and longer days on

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A rendering shows one of the gateways that is part of the Morrison Road Streetscape Implementation Plan.

Being on the list still for ‘homes under 250k’ in Denver, Westwood seems to be a gem for investment potential. Not only are homes still perspectively affordable, but changes are in the air for this long time underserved and the predominately Spanish speaking neighborhood which encompasses the blocks between Federal to the west, Sheridan to the east, Alameda to the south, and Mississippi to the North.


What’s going on?

Morrison Road -- Westwood’s major thoroughfare, is scheduled to undergo a multimillion dollar transformation which will make it more pedestrian friendly, increase its aesthetic appeal, reconstruct five major intersections, and create two community gathering places modeled after Mexican Plazas (maintaining the vital essence

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There is no doubt we are progressing in making our world a cleaner place on a mass scale from the #stopsucking movement lead by Starbucks and the bagless initiative which has most recently been adopted by grocery giant Kroger. That said, Denver is not skipping a beat on trending ‘green’ with the latest invention being a proposed trash-munching-energy-producing water wheel. Sound interesting – well it is. This proposed project would be a revolutionizing one and would resemble a 50 foot Ferris wheel placed in the South Platte River to not only provide power to the River North Prominade Development, but to clean crucial debris from the water. So far, $20,000 of funding has been given to research the potentials of this project, but it has not yet been a

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The scoop on the ‘scoot’

They were here, then they were gone, and now they are back; the infamous scooter fleets of Denver.

If you spent anytime downtown of late, you have noticed the re-proliferation of these dockless sidewalk riders hanging around on every other street corner or more notably -- being ridden around for convenient transportation means

With no shortage of conversation feed – there has been quite a bit of political and opinionated debate around this topic. With that being said (and in the case you were dying to know) here is a quick factual run down.

The ‘deets’: 350 Lime Scooters, 350 Bird Scooters (the OG scooters company which started the revolution in Santa Monica), and 200 Jump bikes

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There's been a lot of talk about Opportunity Zones coming from the Colorado Office of Economic Development, however final interpretations around rules are still hanging out there. Opportunity Zones, which were enacted as part of the 2017 tax reform package are aimed at stimulating growth in areas that didn't benefit as greatly from the most recent economic recovery. The main goal of the Investment in Opportunity Act is to encourage investment in economically distressed areas. Qualifying purchases/developments include ground-up development, new businesses, relocating businesses or a large expansion of an existing business. 

Core benefits of either developing or moving a business to an Opportunity Zone include tax deferment on capital gains which are

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