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The anticipatory Coming soon statement builds an element of excitement, mouth water, and mess as DIA announces and enacts their plans for their Great Hall renovations – a 1.8 billion-dollar reno plan which will (eventually) improve security and provide a new abundance of retail and dining options. Denver International airport is already ranked as the best regional airport in North America – but Denver does not set its bar low while hosting 62 million passengers a year and is on its merry way to conducting major improvements. The Great Hall Partners aims to appeal to a sentiment of ‘New American West’ (according to the Chief Executive officer Igancio Castejon) while inspiring and attracting the interests of people that uphold the repertoire of a smart,

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VF?  Okay, you’re not alone if you were not previously aware of this massive outdoor industry conglomerate which will officially take the place of being Denver’s largest market value company (currently valued at 37 billion dollars). But whom you are likely aware of is the highly recognizable brands which this Fortune 250 Company presides over, including Northface, JanSport, and Steamboat based Smartwool. This is a very big deal for Denver and has been an announcement of anticipation as for time leading up until the announcement has been filed under the code name ‘Project Cardinal’. What’s in this deal for Denver other than a serious cool factor? 800 high-paying jobs with annual salaries averaging around $185,000 – nearly triple Denver's average

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And with that, ‘go big’ doesn’t even seem to do justice when talking about this mass convention center development which includes 1.9 million square feet of hotel, restaurant, retail, and indoor and outdoor recreation space. To expand (excuse my play on words) – we’re talking 1,500 rooms, eight restaurants and bars, four ball rooms, 81 conference centers, three event lawns, a 20,000 square foot patio, an indoor and outdoor pool, spa, ‘experience shower’, putting course, basketball court, tennis courts, a lazy river, coffee shops, marketplace, and oh, a casual lake and geyser in the hotel lobby. If the shock factor is not enough, the $800 million Gaylord Rockies Resort is the biggest hotel under construction in the United States and has employed

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The question we have all been dying to know: What’s going on in the housing economy? While there is not a simple single faceted answer to this question, as it is more complex than any single stand alone factor – there are several core influencers which assist in painting a dynamic picture of our market's health. Below are listed statistics which span several key categories which can be used to analyze the current state of our housing economy. 

Prices are falling: Home prices in September fell an average 4% over all price ranges from August listing prices. For the first time in years Denver's notoriously 'hot' housing market has started to cool. This may be bad news for those currently trying to sell their homes, but inversely provides a…
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For those of you that aren’t aware of the major construction project going down (quite literally) on 1-70 and appropriately named The Central 70 Project – it is essentially a 10-mile reconstruction project which will bury the aging highway of 1-70 underground between I-25 and Chambers Road. As the Denver Post quoted ‘it’s time to bring this highway into the 21st century’ -- and with that what’s more 21st century than the decision to remove a 54-year-old viaduct, add two new express lanes, and place a 4-acre park with a planned farmer’s market and outdoor movie theater over one of the largest highways in the state? The plan is as mod millennial as it gets-- check out full details here. That said, a project of such magnitude does not come without

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What’s going on in Moffat Colorado? (Never heard of Moffat Colorado? See below--) 420 acres of marijuana ‘co-growing’ space to be exact – a unique business operation (cleverly) named ‘Area 420’. Being one of the only places in Colorado that allows outdoor growing, Moffat has more less brought vanguard to the ‘economy sharing/ and co-working’ concept within the marijuana industry with their introduction of a Commercial Cannabis Park. Taking advantage of the major hurdles in the cannabis growing industry (including municipalities capping the number of businesses they allow and license applications costing anywhere from $750,000-$2 million dollars) Area 420 has surmounted major barriers to entry with their lots coming pre-approved with local

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Not to be overly dramatic in bringing up a category two hurricane and special assessment insurance in the same context – but nevertheless, I wanted to draw awareness to the importance being proactive when protecting your financial assets. If anyone has looked into purchasing, or has purchased a condominium in the past, you are likely well aware of the perils of the term ‘special assessment’ and risks associated. When buying into a building with commonly owned grounds, such a condominium, you are responsible for not only your unit, but the state and operations of the entire building  which is managed by a board of directors -- more commonly known as an HOA (home owners association). With this, you pay monthly dues to provide for the ongoing maintenance

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Words which sound too good to be true – but unless you’ve been living under a rock, are likely familiar with the means behind their substantiation– Airbnb. A hot, yet charged topic here in Denver, Airbnb has proved extremely lucrative for many homeowners, producing 183 million dollars of revenue in 2017. That being said, it has not gone without heavy regulation and scrutiny in the past few years. Prior 2016, just about any property owner could Airbnb out their home and get away with it – without much as a second look. Due to the increasing market share and heavy prevalence of the industry however, Airbnb has undergone strict mandating. Beyond public government regulations (mandating short-term rental licenses, adherence to lodgers’ tax (10.75%), and

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 Say what? Marriot strikes again bringing an official hotel hat trick to Cherry Creek North while introducing their latest edition of the Jacquard. With already existing hotel branches including the familiar JW Marriot and newer ‘millennial’ Moxy, the Jacquard fulfils yet another luxury niche – making a stance as the second ‘Autograph’ hotel in the state of Colorado (with the only other being the Brown Palace). The Autograph Collection is a unique global portfolio of luxury hotels which operates under the Marriot (think rewards points) but maintains its independent identity. That being said – what’s the full scoop on the ‘haute happiness’ this hotel exudes? Eight stories, 201 rooms, a killer restaurant [Narrative], 7,000 square feet of meeting space,

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Other than the overarching and consistently regurgitated sentiment that the Denver market is ‘hot, hot, hot’ –there is a more information needed to be disclosed to paint a fully accurate picture of our market’s health.

As we have seen a housing market appreciation euphoria over the past 5 years dictated by rapidly rising home prices and economic laws of supply and demand giving way to low housing inventory and high Buyer numbers, the gold rush cannot last forever – and the signs of slowing are already beginning to occur. Other than the obvious macroeconomic trends of rising interest rates and lacking rise in job wage growth, we are also beginning to see other factors such as decreasing number of properties under contract and longer days on

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